Owning a Scott Energy Heated Home
is Easy as 1-2-3!

Scott Energy offers homeowners the combination of services that provide oil heat customers the ultimate peace of mind and highest energy efficiency. Call us today and get the details on the best way to set up your new account with Scott Energy.

1. Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery takes the guesswork out by letting our computers monitor the weather and your predicted fuel usage and schedule your oil deliveries for you.

2. Service Maintenance Plans

Inspection and Tune-up

Discounts off Labor and materials

Specifics of plans identified within plan details.

Renews automatically each year on your anniversary date

Annual Efficiency Rating

3. SmartPay Budget Payment Program

Almost 100% of the cost of heating a home in New England occurs in a short window of about five months. SmartPay Budget payment program is an 11-month payment program that helps avoid peek bills in the winter months. The program starts each June and the credit balance even earns 2.5% per annum. Other payments options such as acceptance of credit cards, automatic withdrawal and discount programs are available for your convenience.

Welcome New Homeowners

We make your move to your new oil heated home easy and cost efficient to get you started on the right foot.

Contact Kevin via email at Kevin@scottenergyco.com or by phone at 800-736-4929 ext.34.

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