Central air conditioning systems are designed to cool the entire house through a system of supply and return ducts. These systems have many advantages over traditional window units, the biggest being higher efficiency and improved indoor air quality. Proper sizing and installation are key elements to selecting the correct system for your application. Our in-house team will ensure that you receive a system that is custom designed for your needs.


Don’t have ductwork? No worries. Our Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning units will let you say goodbye to those unsightly and noisy window units for good!

Ductless cooling systems can be installed in your existing residence, home additions, new construction, condominiums and apartments, or may be used to improve comfort through temperature control in specific rooms.

Reversible heat pumps have the advantage of providing both heating and cooling to a designated area. When a heat pump is used for heating, it is essentially reversing the refrigeration cycle for cooling and releases heat into the conditioned space.

Learn more about the advantages of Ductless Cooling & Heating.


A hybrid system brings together two heating distribution sources (usually forced hot water and warm air) for flexible, efficient heating and cooling. These systems allow for separate thermostatically controlled zones, eliminate the need for baseboard heating elements and efficiently provide you with an abundance of domestic hot water. We proudly use Thermo Pride Air Handler Systems for our custom hybrid heating and cooling systems.

Is a custom hybrid system right for your home? Contact Tom at tom@scottenergyco.com or 800-736-4929 and decide what is right for you.