Don’t Get Caught in the Dark During a Power Outage

power outage
March 2018

This weekend’s storm is predicted to bring strong winds, heavy rain and in some areas wet accumulating snow. All of these things can cause power outages and there are several things you should keep in mind if the electricity goes out. #ScottSuggestion

Be prepared for a power outage:

  • Turn the Emergency Switch to your heating system off until the power comes back on and is fully established.
  • If you have a portable generator, make sure you only run it outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
  • If you have a stationary generator with an automatic transfer switch, be sure to check your propane or diesel fuel level during the storm.
  • Make sure you have flashlights and batteries.
  • Have your cell phone charged and have any battery back-up devices fully charged.
  • Don’t get stuck in your house. Make sure you know how to manually release your electric garage door opener.
  • If you are dependent on any medical devices, make sure you have a back-up power source.
  • Avoid the use of candles because they can cause fires.
  • Only open refrigerator and freezer doors when necessary to keep food from spoiling.
  • Unplug major appliances such as computers, televisions and washing machines. Sometimes when the power comes back on there can be a low voltage condition or power surge that may damage these items.
  • Never enter a flooded basement unless you are positive that the power is disconnected.
  • Get some rest. A great way to pass the time during a power outage is by getting some sleep.