Scott Energy delivers cleaner, better fuel. All the heating oil we deliver today is biofuel so you have the satisfaction of knowing that the fuel you are consuming is renewable and is friendly to the environment. Biofuel promotes better air quality and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to providing you with a premium product, we put fuel additives into every gallon of oil that we sell. Our unique additive program improves oil burning efficiency, makes the fuel burn cleaner and reduces service calls which saves you money.

Our cleaner, better biofuel with additives also:

  • Reduces fuel use
  • Lowers bills
  • Improves heating oil stability
  • Removes and prevents condensation in your tank


Propane is a safe, clean, efficient and affordable fuel source for your home or business. Consider using propane for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses, such as:

  • Residential or commercial space heating
  • Hot water heating
  • Pool heating
  • Backup generators
  • Fireplaces & fire pits

Scott Energy delivers, installs and services underground and above ground propane tanks to both residential and commercial properties.


Scott Energy offers both on-road and off-road biodiesel for your fleet, construction site or storage tank. Because biodiesel has greater lubricity and lower pollution levels, it enhances diesel engine performance and improves the longevity of diesel engines.

Scott Energy Payment Plans


SmartPay is an 11-month budget billing program that helps our customers avoid peak bills during the winter. Enrollment in SmartPay starts each June. Earn 2.5% per Annum. Monthly Discount on Credit Balance.

Direct Payment Options

Set up automatic withdrawal from your checking account by calling our office at 800-736-4929.

Online Bill Pay

For secure and easy payment online, login to your account.

Prompt Pay Discount

Pay within 10 days of invoice and receive $.05 off per gallon for customers whose account is in good standing.

Senior Citizen Prompt Pay Discount

For those over the age of 65, pay within 10 days of invoice and receive $.06 off per gallon for customers whose account is in good standing.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards.

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