How to Extend the Life of your Heating and Cooling Systems

March 2019

Your heating and cooling systems do a lot for you and your home. It’s important to take the necessary steps to help maintain these systems so they continue to provide comfort all year round for years to come.


Check Your Filters

If your HVAC system has a filter, you’ll want to check and change it regularly to ensure proper air flow. If the filter is blocked with dust and debris, your system is working harder to circulate the warm or cold air throughout your home.


Set Fan to “Auto”

Although the “On” fan setting helps circulate air and trap more dust, this setting instructs your fan to run continuously and makes your equipment work harder. By switching to the “auto” setting your system’s fan will only run when actively heating or cooling. This will prevent the risk of filters clogging up quickly and will allow your system to run more efficiently.


Tend to Outside Condenser

Several heating and cooling systems installed by our experts at Scott Energy require an outside condenser. It’s important to make sure your system has room to breathe. Keeping the area around your condenser clear of leaves, snow, yard waste and other New England elements will allow your system to run normally and prevent it from working overtime.


Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Heating and cooling systems are low-maintenance but that’s not to say regular tune-ups should be ignored. Annual maintenance appointments are important to keep your systems running at their peak efficiency. Our technicians perform a detailed inspection of the system, keeping an eye out for issues or possible problems that can be fixed before they become a bigger concern. During the tune-up, Scott Energy professionals will examine your system, lubricate necessary moving parts and perform other much-needed maintenance to your system’s condenser, filters and coils.


If your heating and cooling systems are well-maintained and you take the necessary steps above, you’re on the road to extending the life of your system.

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