Three Tips to Ensure You Have a Worry Free Winter

Scott Energy Winter Fuel Delivery Preparation
February 2019

1. Shovel/Salt

Whether you’re snow plowing, snow blowing or good ole shoveling, it’s important to clear your driveway of snow and especially ice after a storm. This will not only make your life easier, but it also allows our drivers to provide safe and successful fuel deliveries to your home during the winter months. Don’t let yourself run out of fuel because our trucks are unable to access your property.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Vacant Home

People leave their homes unattended for various reasons throughout the winter. Whether you’re only away for a night or gone for a few weeks, the consequences can be the same. There are several ways to keep a watchful eye on your home while you’re away to help prevent costly damages due to downed heat:

  • Have a neighbor/friend check your house daily
  • If you have an alarm system ask them about temperature monitoring,
  • Or speak to us about our temperature monitoring device

3. Enroll in a service plan

Leave your heating system to us, because you don’t need another thing to worry about during the cold weather. In addition to Pay-As-You-Go service, we offer multiple Sevice Plans for you to choose from, and each comes with our unmatched service. Our expert technicians will keep your equipment running smoothly with regular maintenance and care year-round. Enrolling in a service plan is the most economical way to keep your system running at peak efficiency, keeping energy costs down and prolonging the life of your system.


Winter can be rough here in New England, let us help you stay comfortable and warm!

If you have questions about our temperature monitoring devices or service plans, please call 800-736-4929.

…is it summer yet?