Tips to Get You Ready for Entertaining this Summer

Kids Jumping into Propane Heated Pool
April 2019

Thankfully, summer is right around the corner, and nobody loves the warmer weather more than us New Englanders. When the long overdue heat rolls in, you should be prepared for backyard get-togethers and impromptu parties. Follow these few tips for effortless entertaining this summer!


Warm Up the Pool

Not all party-goers are brave enough to jump right into the pool without testing the waters. To guarantee a successful pool party, your water temperature should be between 78F and 82F. The American Red Cross recommends a temperature of 78F for competitive swimming. However, not all of your guests will be competing in the Olympics for synchronized swimming and require a temperature of at least 80F for a comfortable swim. So set your propane pool heater accordingly.


Prep the Grill

When it’s time for steak tips, burgers and hot dogs make sure your grill is ready to go so your guests won’t be left with grumbling stomachs. It’s always best to keep your outdoor cooking station clean and ready for whatever you throw on it. From the grates to the drip pan, scrub and clean thoroughly before company arrives. A clean grill will allow your food to cook evenly without tasting like last week’s BBQ. A full propane tank is also essential for a perfect party. Ditch the small grill tank and avoid the embarrassment of running out of propane in the middle of your barbeque. Let us hook up your existing Scott Energy tank or have us install a new one and eliminate the need to make multiple trips to refill throughout the summer.


Set Chairs Around the Fire Pit

When the sun sets and the temperature drops, it’s always nice to gather around the fire to keep warm. Don’t bother with the hassle of fire wood, smoke and soot and instead think about installing a propane fire pit. With just a touch of a button, you and your guests will enjoy instant warmth sitting around the picture-perfect fire. Be sure to always have extra lawn chairs and blankets on hand so your family and guests will have a place to sit and join in on the late-night laughs and mesmerizing fire.


Be Party Ready

Avoid running errands last minute by keeping everything from plastic cutlery, cups and paper plates to extra towels and chairs on hand all summer long.


Interested in a stress-free summer? Contact Scott Energy’s propane experts at 800-736-4929 today and find out about tank installation, service and automatic delivery!

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